Strider - Michele Oka Doner

This object can be found in the Outdoor Sculpture Garden on the Southeast side of the museum. If you exit the museum from the Commons/ Diag door and walk towards South State St., you will see the work on your right before you reach South State St.


Large bronze sculptures resembling headless human figures standing with one foot forward. The surface textures are all uniquely irregular and rough, with long vertical striations. All have colored patina, one is gold, one is green, and one is whiteish gray.
Michele Oka Doner
This is one of three Doner sculptures installed together- Angry Neptune, Salacia and Strider. "Strider was named because the giant is taking a stride. It seemed this movement was a defining characteristic as the wax occupied the same space as Neptune and Salacia....I think Strider resonated with the powerful giants. So, they were created in the same space in a relatively short period of time and seemed joined in scale, presence and purpose." Michele Oka Doner, Oct. 6, 2010
Museum purchase made possible by a bequest from Clarence and Ruth Roy, the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund, and the support of the artist
Wednesday, November 30, 2022