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Max Beckmann, Self-portrait, 1907

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A monk's daily routine at the Silver Temple: taking the offerings off of Ganesh each evening.

Ganesh: Monks removing offerings

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Accra, Ghana

Urban Ghana

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BROUWER, Adriaen, In the Tavern, Oil on wood, 36 x 27 cm, Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Tavern Life

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Breakfast Table with Blackberry Pie, 1631 Oil on wood, 54 x 82 cm Gemäldegalerie, Dresden

Comparative Works: Heda

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Welders in Action

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Gibson Girls at the Beach by Charles Dana Gibson, c. 1900.

Minnie Clark: Gibson Girl

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Lincoln Monument by Leonard Crunelle, 1930. Dixon, Illinois. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Abraham Lincoln in Art

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From the Book of Kells, ca. 800

The Four Evangelists

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Art Nouveau Brooch
Lalique, Broche Paon by lartnouveauenfrance Flickr CC:BY

Peacocks and Art Nouveau