Baron Paul P_rignon

Bust-length, three-quarter view of a man with thick black beard facing slightly left, dressed in black with scarlet ribbon of the Legion of Honor on his lapel against a neutral background.
Thomas Couture
c. 1850
This is a portrait of Baron Pierre Paul Désiré François Pérignon (1800-1855), a political figure in France known for his liberal convictions. He was elected Député for a district in Champagne (1837-48), and following the revolution in 1848, was elected “Représentant du Peuple” serving as a member of the Conseil d’Etat where he helped draft a new constitution. Couture’s concentration on the somber features and averted gaze, along with the scarlet ribbon of the Legion of Honor, bright against Pérignon’s dark lapel, seem to signal the reticence and elegance of the Baron’s character and serve as a marker of his social distinction.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2022