Two shifuku (silk pouches) for Tea Caddy "Hitorine"

Two small pouches for tea caddy. The striped pouch is woven with light brown, dark-green, light-green and dark blue warp threads and light brown weft threads in satin weave, which create stripe, plaid and treasure ("takara") patterns. The round pouch has two side slits for easy opening; a purple cord is inserted through the mouth of the pouch for tying. Another pouch has whirlpool patterns created with the same satin weave using brown warp threads and light blue, white, and blue weft threads. The weft threads create the staggered, whirlpool patterns. This pouch also has two side slits and tied with light brown color cord at the top.
Artist Unknown, Japan
c. 1600-1647
Shifuku or pouches for tea caddies are displayed during the tea ceremony. A cherished tea caddy might have several shifuku made of expensive imported fabrics. The striped fabric of shifuku here is called "Iyo sudare donsu," made in China in Ming Period (1368-1644); it was used for at least two other tea caddies named/owned by Kobori Enshû. The fabric with whirlpool patterns of other shifuku has been also used for other well known tea caddies.
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Wednesday, November 30, 2022