Processional Cross

The arms of the cross end in quatrefoil-shaped terminals. The front (obverse) is gilded and features a molding along the edges. The back (reverse) has a deep azurite blue ground and a gilded band punched with tiny rosettes that runs along the border.
Neri di Bicci
c. 1475
The front (obverse) of the cross depicts the living Christ triumphant (Christus triumphans) on the cross, surrounded by busts of the Evangelists, Saints Matthew (proper left), John (top), Mark (proper right) and Luke (bottom), on the terminals. The reverse of the cross depicts the suffering Christ (Christus Patiens) surrounded on the terminals by busts of the mourning Virgin Mary (proper left) and Saint John the Evangelist (proper right), God the father holding an open book (top), and an unidentified male saint holding a cross, perhaps the Apostle Philip (bottom).
Gift of the Baroness Maud Ledyard von Ketteler
Wednesday, September 28, 2022