Base for temple bell

Wood base for a temple bell.
Artist Unknown
20th century
While the history of percussive bells in the cultures of Asia dates back thousands of years, they became particularly important in Burma where every large temple has dozens of them in all sizes, most of which are donations from the pious. According to the inscription on this bell, dated June 4th of 1907, it was donated to a village monastery by a family, who, “keeping nibbana (nirvana) as the ultimate goal,” wanted to accumulate “good merit in this life and subsequent rebirths.” The acquisition of merit is the most common impetus behind donations to monasteries and temples in all Buddhist countries as it is a simple way for a layperson to assure a better life for him- or herself and their family in their next incarnation.
Gift of Timothy L. Dickinson and Anja Lehmann
Friday, February 3, 2023