QR Codes

What is a QR code?

QR codes (or “Quick Response Codes”) are a certain kind of bar code that act as physical links to web-based content. Scanning a QR code will bring up a particular web page, just like clicking on a link in an internet browser.

What is a QR scanner?

A QR scanner is a special app which allows you to use the camera on your mobile device to scan a QR code.

Where can I get a QR scanner?

If you are renting an IPad from the museum, there will already be one in the UMMA Many Voices app. If you are using your own mobile Android or Apple device, you can download a free QR scanner in the Appstore.

Do I need a QR scanner?

No, you don't. Next to the QR codes you will see a number code. You can type this into the keypad at the top of the website to get to the same information as the QR code.

How do I use QR and numeric codes with Many Voices?

If you are accessing Many Voices from a device that you checked out at UMMA or you have already downloaded the Many Voices application from the App Store, then there is already a QR scanner in the program ready for you to use.

If you are accessing Many Voices from the web, then you might not already have a QR scanner on your device. Luckily, you do not need a QR scanner to access content on Many Voices! Beside each QR code in the museum is a numeric code that you can input using the keypad icon at the top of this webpage. This will take you to the same information as the QR code without having to download a new program to your device.

Where do I find the QR codes?

The QR codes are located throughout the museum. Look for them in galleries and near works of art to learn more the artwork at UMMA.

Interactive Maps

Why can’t I see the exact location of an object in the museum?

The interactive gallery maps on the Many Voices site allow you to view every piece located within a particular gallery, but not the exact location of every object.

Why doesn’t this digital gallery show any objects in it?

Due to the changing nature of the available objects throughout the museum, only certain galleries were included in this phase of the Many Voices project. When digital gallery content is not available through this site, you can find additional media housed in the actual gallery to enhance your museum experience.

Accessing Media

What happens when I tap on a large yellow button?

Large yellow buttons like the one in the adjacent image mean that the content you are looking for is on another website. When you tap on this button, you will leave the Many Voices site and be taken directly to the media that has been selected for you. In order to get back to the Many Voices site, click the back button at the top of your screen or type in the tinyURL located on labels throughout the museum.

Browse Features

If I don’t have a QR scanner, how can I access resources?

This can be done a few ways. Next to every QR code will be a numeric code. You can also type this number in and it will take you to the same place. You can also view resources by going to the “Resources” page from the drop down menu or navigating through the galleries on the “Galleries” page. When going through the galleries, you will notice that some objects are highlighted in red. These are the objects that have additional resources attached to them. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can also search for that directly by going to the “Search” page from the drop down menu.

Object Pages

What if I want to learn more about a piece of art?

If you are interested in one specific piece of art, the object page is the best place to go. If the artwork has resources attached to it, they will all show up on the object page in a menu on the left side. Each resource will be represented by a different icon. An image will have a little camera next to it, a video will have a piece of film next to it, and so on. Be sure to explore all the different types of resources an object might have.

Search Features

How do I search for objects?

Objects can be found a few ways. If you know exactly what object you are looking for you can search for it by using the “Search” option. If you are in a gallery and want to find pieces around you visit the “Galleries” page, from there you will see a map of the museum, click on the gallery that you are interested in exploring and all the objects in that space will be listed. The ones highlighted in red are objects with associated resources. .

How do I search for resources?

Resources can be found by either looking up objects or by going to the “Resources” page and selecting the type of resource you would like to explore: Video, Image, Geographic, Audio, and Website. Clicking on any of those resource types will take you to a page where all the resources of that specific type can be viewed.

What is the difference between an object and a resource?

An object refers to the actual piece of art in the museum. Resources are extra content that can help viewers learn more about that piece or art and the history around it. Resources are generally in a few different types of formats including: audio stops, videos, images, maps, and websites.