Album of Letters and Sketches, with Poet Portrait as frontispiece (28 pages)

An album of 28 pages. Cover is brown with a faded image at the center, possibly of leaves on an off-white background. The inside of the album primarily contains hand-written text, though some of the text has faded images in the background, and some of the pages are completely images. The first page depicts a seated man in formal attire. and across from him is a seperate painting of a landscape with green mountains. Other images contained within are of various topics with various colors and styles.
Sakai Hôitsu
c. 1800-1828
This twenty-seven leaf album contains letters, drafts of poems, and some sketches by Sakai Hôitsu. Many of the letters are addressed to his assistants, giving them detailed painting instructions, sometimes with sketches, and reminding them of their deadlines.
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Thursday, December 13, 2018