The Student (L'Etudiante)

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On a narrow canvas a background of overlapping, rounded segments of blues, grays, and greens suggests rock. These layers build up to warmer colors, and on the surface of the layers are several shapes executed in white line suggestive of cave-painting. The shapes looks like microscopic organisms and are connected by the nerve-like white lines. As a whole, the visual elements are also suggestive of a seated figure, and the white shapes then appear as organs.
Gerome Kamrowski
Kamrowski's work creates a self-contained other-world of shapes and colors suggestive of microscopic life, terrestrial existence, and the cosmos. The execution also suggests primitive cave art, linking the work to a commentary on the roots of the human psyche. This piece can also be read as presenting the viewer a human form, perhaps the student of the title, whose body is composed of the lithic sections of cold colors and whose physical and psychical inner workings are represented in the white shapes that are connected by the nerve-like lines. The figure appears to be seated in a pose of meditation and the white shapes appear to occupy the shakra power centers described in Hinduism
Gift of Mr. Jean Paul Slusser
Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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