Alexander Visiting Diogenes

A standing man in a magnificent crested helmet addresses a bearded man in bedraggled clothes sitting on the ground before the mouth of a large barrel. The latter figure turns his head to respond and extends his right hand toward the other man. A group of soldiers crowd around.
Salvator Rosa
Alexander the Great, wearing a crested helmet, approaches the philosopher Diogenes, who had famously rejected all worldly possessions to live in a burial urn. Eager to meet the philosopher, the all-powerful emperor asks what he may do for him. With a sharply dismissive wave of his right hand, Diogenes barks, "For now I want you to get out of my sunlight." Thunderstruck by this rejection, the emperor realizes that wealth and power do not bring true fulfillment.
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
Sunday, December 16, 2018