The Flagellation (Large Passion Series)

At the center of this densely detailed print stands a male figure, nude except for a loincloth, with his hands tied behind him to a column. He is encircled by a crowd of figures, including three men who beat him with whips, switches, and fists. A fourth figure leers at him grotesquely, while another sits on the ground with his feet against the column and pulls the ropes holding their victim. Another figure, wearing elaborate armor, kneels in the foreground as he prepares his switches. Onlookers, some wearing elaborate turbans and robes inspired by Turkish clothing, stand behind the torturers. A crown of thorns sits in the lower right corner and a small dog appears in the center foreground next to the artist's initials.
Albrecht Dürer
Christ stands bound to a column in the center of this densely detailed print that depicts his flagellation mentioned in the Gospels. He is surrounded by torturers who beat and mock him while a crowd of bystanders watches. Pontius Pilate, the Roman govenor who presided over Christ's trial, stands on the left, dressed in Turkish robes and a turban. The crown of thorns in the foreground alludes to Christ's further tortures and impending crucifixion, which were depicted in other prints of this series.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2021