A Courtesan followed by Two kamuro and Another Courtesan Behind

An image of women walking down the street. The woman at the forefront is trailed by two young girls and another woman. They wear similarly pattererned kimono with geometric designs and orange and green coloration. To the right of them are two women talking to two men, one crouched behind the other, under cherry blossom trees. The women appear to wear kimono of orange color and patterened with leaves. The first man wears a black striped kimono and a sword hilt can be seen strapped to his waist while the man behind him wears grey. In the background is a building and a group of men walking about. In the center of the background, inside the building, a woman can be seen.
Utagawa Toyokuni I
late 18th century - early 19th century
An image of courtesans walking down the street. The woman to the forefront is the highest ranked courtesan, and she is trailed by her two child attendants and another courtesan, likely her junior. The two women talking to the men are likely doing so because the first man is a potential or current client. Due to the demeanor and clothing of the second man, he may be a servant. This image is part of the series "The Main Street of Yoshiwara in Cherry Blossom Time."
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Thursday, December 13, 2018