A Courtesan and a Porter Carrying food

A color print depicting groups of women in kimono and men gathered under blossoming trees. The woman to the far right wears a dark kimono with an undistiguishable pattern. The next woman to her left wears a dark kimono with white dots. To her left is a woman wearing a kimono of multiple layers and single colors. She is surrounded by two girls with matching kimono. The final woman to the far left wears similarly colored material, though not as many layers. The man is wearing an outfit of geometric squares. A group of one woman and two men is depicted in the back to the left while another group is entering the scene behind them. In gront of the large group are two men talking. Two men appear to be looking outside the screens of the building, and to the right of them is a group of three women and one man talking.
Utagawa Toyokuni I
late 18th century - early 19th century
A panorama of courtesans and their clients under cherry trees. The woman near the center has the highest rank and is surrounded by her junior to the left and her two child atendants. The simply dressed woman is a maid. The man in the center is present or future client. To the left is a second group of women led by a slightly lower ranked courtesan. The older woman on the far left is a retired courtesan. The young man on the right is carrying boxes with the name Kazusaya, the name of a popular brothel.
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
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