A River Landscape with a Boat Landing below a Bluff

This oil painting is horizontally oriented with gray markings. It is surrounded with rose, gold, and mint matting, with a scroll that reads “H. Saftleven”. The actual work depicts a river scene, with a cliff on the shore of a river to the right. On the cliff are buildings, including what looks like the ruins of a castle tower. A tree leans to the right over the edge of the cliff. Ships populate the river, including one at the shoreline.
Herman Saftleven, II
Herman Saftleven II was born into a family of artists in Rotterdam though he settled in Utrecht in the 1620s where he recorded views of the city. Following a destructive hurricane in 1674, he sold the city a series of drawings of Utrecht churches that he had done before the buildings were destroyed. He was also known for his botanical drawings of the country estate, Vijverhof, near Utrecht.
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
Sunday, December 16, 2018