Bencharong ware jar (tho)

Covered ceramic jar with brilliantly colored Thai-inspired overglaze enamel painting in floral patterns. The lid mimics the spires of Thai Buddhist architecture, rising from the gentle curve of the lower portion of the lid and alternating between solid bands of green, and multicolored floral patterns. The green covers what would be the underside of each of the colorful three tiers of "roof" segments, culminating in what appears to be a red and gold lotus bud at the top of the lid.
Artist Unknown, China
19th century
Bencharong ware ceramic jar for food offering, flowers, or incense. Made in China for the export market with a lid that that mimics the spires of Thai Buddhist architecture. These Thai shapes and patterns were produced by Chinese artisans using model books supplied by the Thai.
Gift of Doris Duke's Southeast Asian Art Collection
Thursday, December 13, 2018